About Us

About Us

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G.O.D (Group of DJs), established in 2011, is a team of quality entertainers. Providing DJs and master of ceremonies, G.O.D accommodates the needs of any party, event, entertainment hub, bar, resort, hotel, gym, etc.

Our mission is to constantly deliver best quality entertainment and professional service to our clientele, deliver on our promises, and exceed expectations. G.O.D holds all our DJs to the highest standards and we continue to learn, grow, have fun, and deliver as expected.

Our team has absolutely amazing quality DJs and Emcees with great personalities. Come meet us and see for yourself.


This are why we are trusted

1)  Versatile DJs
2) Constantly training in our very own school
3) Audio & Visual support
4) Instructors with more than 10 Years of industry knowledge
5) All types of events

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