Shawny Shawn

Shawny Shawn

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2016 – Champion Dj Spin Off Sentosa

Shawny Shawn identified music as an early passion of his. Calling him obsessed with music would be an understatement. With a painstaking eye for perfection & detail in music manipulation, Shawny Shawn’s self-taught art of being a DJ has brought him into recognition and respect, encouraging him to soar great heights and explore further the platform of music.

Having played at numerous clubs – Avalon, Avatar, New Asia Bar, Mambo Beach Club, and more – his aim is to bring justifiable evolution to music. His eclectic track selection, unique style and infectious personality captivate crowds around him. His music library spans nearly every genre of club music and he has the ability to mix any kind of genre of music to an entirely new demographic.

He brings “Party Rock” to a whole new level.